Happy New Year!


Every year on this day I make my list of New Year Resolutions. I would venture to say I manage roughly a 50% success rate. A million years ago when I was back in school, that would have been an F, but as a much WISER adult I can look at 50% with a glass half full mentality. Adults are busy with careers and kids and aging parents and Netflix, it’s hard to achieve 100% on anything!

2015 was no different. 50% it was, but that 50% was GREAT! It included, open a new store (CHECK), take 2 vacations with the family (one included some work stuff, but basically, YES), open an online store (DONE), teach dad how to use a laptop (it’s getting there), do more outside things when it’s cold (walking to and from heated car and into Target doesn’t count I know)… Honestly, I set some lofty goals and am proud of my accomplishments. “Eat better, excercise and read more actual books” are always throwing off my % and if I take those off of the list, I would be much closer to a 100% success rate.

SO in 2016, I’m not going to put on my list to eat better, excerise and read more books, because I should be doing those things anyway and a nagging phone reminder alarm isn’t going to make me do them, it’s just going to make me wish I remembered what setting it was in my phone to shut off that alarm. Instead, I’m going to repeat 2015 and put on my list: Open a new store (I know, it’s crazy!), take 2 vacations with the family (with less work involved), teach dad (this is a continuous process) how to use his new laptop, take more photos of things other than furniture (the dining room set above by th way is in room 4 in Batavia and it’s very pretty) and do more outside things when it’s cold (like when it’s 40-50 and not windy out). I’m going to add “write in blog”, because I’ve had that on previous lists and I’m just not consistent.

I am also going to try and always be supportive of others and to listen better. So I hope you are proud of your accomplishments too, I know I am proud of you and if you would like to talk about your 2016 New Year Resolutions, I would love to hear about them! 🙂

Happy 2016 everyone! I wish you great health, happiness & a prosperous new year!


After wading through several other consignment shops, thrift stores, and home decor shops, Acosta's delivered exactly the experience we had been seeking out. This is the perfect place to find quality, higher end pieces at affordable prices. The shop has a wide assortment of styling. Our expedition was to locate french/southern style decor, and we walked out with several pieces to fit out home. They also had some fun seasonal decor. The furniture pieces are worth consideration. We saw complete bedroom sets for $1000, beautiful dining sets, and several couches in exceptional condition.


Acosta's Batavia is pretty much amazing. The large store is filled to the rim with high quality home furnishings and decorator items. The store is subdivided into several "rooms" with similarly styled items. Everything from couches and recliners to candlesticks and chandeliers, this place has it all. When you first walk in, the whole place seems quite overwhelming. As you carry yourself through, this feeling only increases. The rooms are numbered (luckily) as to easily direct the staff to the merchandise of interest to you. Or, for your own reference to find those items again. The prices are reasonable, although a bit higher on many things due strictly to the high end nature of their items. We were able to find several pieces with very reasonable tags attached, and we love each of them in our home. You can find the usual to the unique here, preclusive of shrunken heads or old quackery equipment. The staff was very fun and helpful, and we plan to make this our "go to" store for items of this type.


Who doesn't love a high end bargain


Hold on to an item you like if you plan to browse around some more or have an associate hold and mark it for you. We lost 2 items to another customer by a matter of minutes only. They have lots of gorgeous items. Have fun and good luck.


Consigned a sofa with them, was a great experience. Love this place as a shopper as well, adorably decorated and well organized store.


Have bought many items from Acosta. Always satisfied with everything. Had an emergency family illness and requested pictures of item bought but not yet picked up. Within hours they sent pictures to my cell to be shown to ill family member. That kind of consideration is rare. Not knowing us, the owners treated us like we were valuable customers. Shop online or at one of the three stores. Try Acosta once and you'll go back.

Dan & Chris

Very cool consignment furniture store. This place is huge, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to walk through and see every room. Very upfront with pricing and ways to save on items you're watching. I highly recommend.


Very good selection, good quality, very reasonably priced. Staff very knowledgeable and friendly.


Impressed with selection, quality and display. Staff very helpful.